Annual State and Federal Mandated Training

Mandated Training

Please complete the following required trainings in a timely manner.

1. Civil Rights Training

Click on the 2021-2022 Civil Rights PDF file for your training information.

2. Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Click on the Bloodborne Pathogens PDF file for your training information.

3. Suicide Prevention Training

Click on the Suicide Prevention PDF files for your training information.

The suicide screening forms for the psychologists and clinicians are located on district shared server along with the threat assessment and district incident forms: L://DISTRICT SHARED//DISTRICT INCIDENT FORMS

4. Online Training for Mandated Reporters

The Attorney General's Office and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office have worked with the Middlesex Children’s Advocacy Center to create an online training program for mandated reporters. The free training is designed to help mandated reporters understand their legal obligations; recognize possible signs and symptoms of maltreatment; know how to respond to a child who discloses abuse; know how to file a 51A report; and understand what happens after a 51A report is filed.

The Massachusetts Legislature has designated teachers, social workers, doctors, nurses, child care providers, police officers, foster parents, and others as mandated reporters. The training has been updated to include information about the Department of Children and Families’ new protective intake and supervisor policies, parental discipline, educational neglect, and medical neglect. It also includes additional case studies and pop quiz questions.

5. Conflict of Interest - Summary (annual requirement)

Please read the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law then print and complete the past page of the PDF document (page 11).

Complete Conflict of Interest Training (required every other year)

Please complete the Conflict of Interest Training if you have not completed the training in the past two years. At the end of the online training, please print the certificate and submit it to your immediate supervisor or her/his designee.


Annual State and Federal Mandated Training Certificate

Click HERE to make a copy the mandatory Annual Training Certificate once you have completed the online training. Please add your name and signature then submit the completed Annual Training Certificate to your immediate supervisor or her/his designee.