Executive Function: Impact on Academic Proficiency

This professional development graduate level course provides educators with an overview of the components of executive function. It covers the impacts of having both a language-based learning disability (LBLD) and executive function deficits, as well as practical instructional strategies to support students. As a result of the learning experiences in this course, participants will be more competent in their ability to:

  • Identify students' executive functions deficits in the classroom

  • Recognize how executive function deficits are compounded for students with LBLD

  • Implement and differentiate targeted strategies to help students to better manage language and executive function demands

  • Promote student success at an appropriate level of individualized instruction

The course is divided into six, self-paced modules:

  • Overview of Executive Function: This module presents an overview of executive function and its importance for achieving academic proficiency, particularly for students with language-based learning disabilities.

  • Attention and Memory: This module outlines how attention and memory impact students' ability to achieve academic goals.

  • Emotion: This modul covers the role of emotion in learning. It addresses how negative emotions from past experiences can interfere with students' executive function and performance in the classroom.

  • Motivation: This module explores the motivational systems that guide our reactions and responses to incoming information, and the importance of motivation for achieving success in school.

  • Effort: This module outlines the importance of helping students feel successful as a result of the effort they put forth on tasks.

  • Landmark Teaching Principles: This module outlines the six Landmark Teaching Principles and how the implementation of these instructional strategies can support students with LBLD and executive function deficits.

Alignment to District Goals

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Meeting Dates and Times

Tuesday, June 28 to Tuesday, August 9, 2022. The modules for this course are self-paced and can be completed at any time during the dates listed above.


This course is being facilitated by Landmark School Outreach.

Target Audience

This graduate level course is open to all educators and administrators.


The Office of Teaching and Learning is covering the cost of tuition. Participants may opt to pay $125 for 1 Graduate Credit (reimbursable in accordance with union contracts).


Participants will receive 15 PDPs for successful completion of this course.

Completing this course will satisfy DESE PDP Relicensure Requirements for "Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners".

Registration Information

For questions about this professional learning opportunity, please contact Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Zachary Waddicor.